The Safe Way to Eliminate CelluliteBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

It seems that ever since the advent of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the late sixties and in the early seventies, the nature of assuming that you can easily fix any undesirable feature on the body through surgery has been widely accepted. Just ask anybody in Hollywood and they will happily tell you who their surgeon is, and ask if you want a referral card. Of course the healthcare companies would have none of this and immediately moved to protect themselves from the beatifying nature of their clients by prohibiting coverages of any sort of medical procedure that was by nature cosmetic.

To be honest: many surgical, body changing procedures have a vast array of known and adverse side effects which can be very undesirable for anybody. Surgery is not something that should always be toyed around with. Any time that you have to be put under to get a procedure there is the inherit risk that you will never wake up; see the recent anesthesiologists malpractice rates if you are apt to believe this notion, and you will indeed become a surefire believer rather quickly. So for the many who desire to get rid of cellulite—that nasty fat that dimples around those target areas and ruins the ability to buy and wear swimming suits proudly for many—surgery is not even an option on the table.

Then there are series of shots that are painfully injected into the body and can have their own array of side effects. Not to mention that getting shots can be a very costly affair and can require that the patients have routine checkups and have routine procedures. And neither of the aforementioned procedures are either entirely safe nor are they affordable. So where do the rest of women, who can neither afford such treatments, or in turn do not wish to take the risks associated with such treatments, turn to fight the appearance of cellulite on their bodies? 

Technology, that is where. Newer developments in technology have provided scientists with the knowledge of how to create penetrating topical creams that actually burn the fat right off the problem areas with no known side effects. These touted fat cutting gels are available without a prescription and typically show results in a few months. Cellulite creams like Cellutherm (promises to help reduce appearance of cellulite) have taken the world of cosmetics by storm in recent years, quickly rising in stature. For women who have been seeking a safer and far more affordable option to get rid of cellulite, there is one thing to be happy about: now they have finally found one.