Reasons Why You Should Use Less Make-UpBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

Makeup enhances one's facial feature. It makes your personality stand out as it defines all hidden features which are not normally visible with just your bare face on. This boosts one's confidence and also give someone an opportunity to show off their creativity. But have you also thought of the consequences of always wearing makeup?

It is not a kept secret that makeup does have ingredients that are also known to cause harm to the skin when used daily. While it's a good way to ehance your features and make you feel beautiful, it is also important for you to be knowledgeable of how makeup affects your skin.

That being said, here are some points to take note of and fully understand why using less makeup is best:

You Save Money

Everyone knows that makeup can be quite pricey, and using less of it will let you save money. Women tend to go shopping with too much makeup on their hand that they don’t really need. This means money wasted as well, especially that most products end up not being used. The usual money you spend on makeup can be spent on other important things.

It Saves You Time and Effort

Putting makeup takes time once you prepare in the morning, and by reducing the use of it, this also means that you will be able to save more time and spend it for something more worthwhile like soaking in the tub much longer, or having the time to cook your breakfast. It is not just a simple application of your usual moisturizer as it is not even the first step of your makeup application. Imagine putting your concealer as the base, then applying eye shadow to your eyes, blush for your cheeks, and lip tint down for your lips. It usually takes someone an hour or so (if they’re good at it) to do this so makeup can honestly be time consuming. Instead of spending too much time applying full makeup, opt for a moisturizer and lip tint, and you’re good to go. It takes less time, and much friendly too your skin too!

Makes You Feel Lighter

The truth is, makeup could cause discomfort on your face when have a full makeup on. Going out under the rays of the sun with full makeup on your face is double the heat, and double the perspiration. The makeup you put in your face makes you feel that there is a thick layer into it. With less makeup being used, you’ll feel lighter and freer.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

One's beauty should not be defined by the makeup you put on your face. If you want to feel confident all the time, this should be your mindset with or without makeup. Making yourself less dependent on the use of makeup to feel confident will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

If you want to achieve beauty from within, it should start internally by making yourself less dependent on the so-called "beauty enhancers" offered by society. You will just be surprised one day that by using lesser makeup, you’d feel confident to look bare and actually feel beautiful.

Your Skin Will Surely Be Happy

Though it’s not literally going to smile, you can be certain that your skin will be happy once you have less makeup applied into it. There may be makeups that are known to be organic and nature-friendly, but going with no makeup is still the best way to go. The less the makeup, the more your skin could breathe properly. Knowing what's best for your skin will also be necessary as not all makeup will match your skin type. If you only use less makeup, then the tendency is that you will not worry about it anymore.

Be Loved and Feel Loved with Your Bare Face On

If you think that most men would prefer someone who looks beautiful and glamorous because of makeup, better think again. You may not be under the real definition of beauty as to why that is your way of thinking. Not all people would have the same level of perception when it comes to beauty and there are people who stand out even with less makeup applied. There may be some that will find you attractive as your facial features are enhanced, but why not be loved and at the same time, feel loved, with your natural face and beauty instead. Be the first one to show off what real beauty is, and meet people who would truly love you with or without makeup on. At the end of the day, your inner beauty still shines above all and is what matters if you want to be accepted and loved as you are.

This common belief that wearing makes up makes you more beautiful are mostly influenced by celebrities and models who often represent makeup brands, and it is not a bad thing at all to be on-trend. However, it would be best if you consider wearing less makeup as it would be more beneficial to your skin.

Remember that wearing less makeup does not make you less beautiful. This is a mindset that needs to be eliminated. It is okay to wear makeup and it surely gives a unique effect with your facial features. It even boosts your personality, but at the same time, reducing your makeup or wearing no makeup at all is also a good thing.

And if you want to enhance your features and not have to wear makeup, following a good skincare regimen religiously is the way to go. Thankfully, there are natural skincare range brands that love your skin just as much as you do. For one, there’s Dermagevity.

Dermagevity was founded by Dr Teresa and has been in existence since 2008. Being small and exclusively driven by friends who tell friends about the results they get from our products, we have hundreds of happy customers who continue to use the Dermagevity specialty product line to care for their skin.

As Dr Teresa says...

"Before I developed Dermagevity, I was searching for a career I could call my own. I majored in Toxicology; all things poison! I found it fascinating how the body interacts with the various compounds and ingredients in every day life. I was a big fan of Quincy and decided to pursue a career in law enforcement where I had a fruitful career.
After starting a family, I decided to go back to school and get my degree in pharmacy and became a pharmacist. I loved finding answers to problems and how different ingredients were used to protect, minimize and prevent a variety of conditions.

As I was starting to age, I saw changes in my skin that I was not happy with. I wanted to find a solution to my skin's dull and aged appearance. I started researching various ingredients and different cutting edge technologies on the market. I found ingredients that I believe had the clinical effectiveness AND safety that I was looking for.

I searched for a product that I could use.

To no avail!  

All of the products I looked at only had one or two of the ingredients I believed had the most promise to promote healthier and more vibrant looking skin; but none had all of the ingredients that I felt would be the best combination.

So I decided to formulate my own line of products with the specific ingredients I was looking for AND that had the clinical research behind them.

The ingredients have been clinically proven effective and while working together can synergistically provide benefits that surpass their effect when used alone. 

And my friends started to notice! When they started asking what skincare range I was using and told them it was my own formulations, they wanted some as well.

To make sure that I was providing the best possible product line, I sent the products to an outside agency for testing.

I made sure that the products were Dermatologist tested to insure that they were non-irritating AND non-sensitizing products. I am confident that the products I have produced are of superior quality, as well as,effective and have have no adverse effect after use.
Plus we NEVER, EVER test on animals!

I hope that you too can find a product that is right for you! “

In December 2018 the Dermagevity business was optioned out. Taryn and the other staff who make up the Dermagevity team have stayed on.

Dr Teresa remains as consultant and chief formulator, so you know the quality of the products you love to use won’t change.

She is currently working on a new range for difficult skin types, and another for men.

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Product innovations that make it possible to rejuvenate the face and pamper the body into graceful aging and good health without surgery.

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