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Macroderm® – The Total Body Deep Hydrating Enzyme Activation Formula For many women, the first sign of aging isn’t a few stray grey hairs or subtle...


Macroderm® – The Total Body Deep Hydrating Enzyme Activation Formula

For many women, the first sign of aging isn’t a few stray grey hairs or subtle laugh lines…it’s skin that is dull, dry, and less elastic than it once was. Unfortunately, many moisturizers offer only temporary relief. Almost as soon as they are absorbed, skin once again becomes dehydrated, flaky, and rough. For a long-term solution that offers lasting results, try Macroderm®!


Macroderm® is an all-over moisturizer that provides intensive therapy to even the most parched and thirsty skin. Formulated using the most advanced water-binding ingredients available, Macroderm® nourishes the skin and actually works to protect it from environmental stresses that can compromise the moisture barrier and lead to dry skin in the first place. Macroderm® can address all of the issues commonly associated with aging and neglected skin: the dullness, the dryness, the loss of elasticity, the roughness, and the discoloration.

How it Works

To understand how Macroderm® works, it’s helpful to have a little information about how skin retains and loses moisture. Healthy and hydrated skin has what is known as a moisture barrier. Picture it as a type of sheet over the skin’s surface that locks moisture into the skin and keeps it hydrated. Various factors – including weather, cleansers, and aging – can disrupt the moisture barrier. As a result, skin cannot hold moisture as well because the protective “sheet” has been weakened or damaged. Skin becomes dry, rough, or even flaky, and often takes on an uneven texture. Macroderm® contains powerful water-binding ingredients that are absorbed deep into skin. There, these ingredients actually restore the moisture barrier to ensure long-lasting hydration and more beautiful skin.

Benefits of Macroderm®

What can you expect from Macroderm®, and what sets this lotion apart from the other moisturizers on the market? Read on to learn about the results you will likely experience when you use Macroderm as recommended.

  • Softer, smoother, more moisturized skin: Macroderm® is designed to deeply hydrate and restore optimal moisture levels, leaving skin velvety smooth and incredibly soft.
  • Fast absorption: Macroderm® is absorbed into the skin almost immediately, making applications quick and easy.
  • No greasy or oily residue: Put on your favorite outfit after applying Macroderm without worrying about staining or that uncomfortable greasy feeling.
  • Skin is protected from the environment: When you preserve your skin’s moisture barrier, it will be better able to deal with the environmental stresses that cause skin to look dull and lead to moisture loss. Macroderm® will not only make your skin softer, but will increase its resilience as well.

Reveal more youthful skin over time: With regular use, Macroderm will naturally activate skin enzymes as it hydrates to reveal that youthful, even-toned, and more elastic skin you probably thought you’d never see again.


For best results, use a generous amount of Macroderm® twice daily. Rub Macroderm into the skin using a smooth circular motion, and continue massaging until all lotion has been absorbed. Macroderm® should be applied to skin that is clean and dry.

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