Let Your Age Just Be a Number: How You Can Grow Beautiful Despite AgingBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me who’s the fairest of all.” This popular line from a well-loved fairy tale expresses a need which is basic to people. This need is none other than to be recognized for the beauty that they possess. While this need is a legitimate need, there comes danger when it is pushed to the extreme.

Being beautiful and staying beautiful is a goal for almost all people. With this statement, it is no wonder that many are committed to keep the marks of time from appearing on their skin. Thus, there is an intense focus on youth and the perks of possessing it.

This trend, however, may cause many to feel even more insecure. Take heart, though. We have all been lied to. Beauty doesn’t always translate to youth. Every woman is beautiful at every age. Why? Simply because beauty is an attitude no matter what age you are.

Beautiful in Every Stage at Whatever Age

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Beauty is such a vital part of the society. By how much? To the extent that many are feeling the pressure to look as young and as “perfect” as possible. This phenomenon doesn’t affect just the relatively young. For those who are getting on in years (specifically those in their 40s, 50s, 60s 70s and beyond), the pressure is even greater.

Nevertheless, times are changing for the better. There are a growing number of people who are embracing the “golden” years of their lives. Most are realizing that what they may have “lost” in terms of “youthful beauty;” they have gained back through meaningful life experiences.

People are becoming supportive of embracing the imperfections and flaws which are part of our being. No longer do they need to hide and cover these so-called “faults.” With the advent of a newer way of looking at beauty, they are beginning to see how the passing of time makes someone more attractive.

Outer Beauty versus Inner Beauty

With all these talk about beauty and its concepts, the issue of outer beauty and inner beauty can’t be left out. Is one more important than the other? Can they exist separately? In the pursuit of external aesthetics, some forget the importance of what is inside. People should always keep in mind what the adage says: “Looks fade, but character remains.”

However, there should be a balance between maintaining external and internal aesthetics. A pretty face remains merely so without the accompanying characteristics which make a person who she is. On the other hand, these mentioned characteristics would remain hidden if someone does not make them known through her external action. (Now, who doesn’t love a genuine smile and a warm personality on someone who also happens to be “beautiful”?)

People of today sometimes tend to be so hard with regards to how they see themselves. Nitpicking over one’s imperfections has become a norm to some. Thus, it’s of great importance that people know exactly what makes someone “attractive.” People who are considered to be the most “beautiful of them all” aren’t those without “flaws.” Rather, they are those whose beauty comes from their character. Those people are happy with who they are and this happiness spills over to others who are around them.

How to Become Beautiful in Your Golden Years

Truly beautiful people can be compared to wine – the older they become, the better they get. But how does one become beautiful in her later years in life. The following are some of the ways a lady can look beautiful in her despite the advancing of years:

Dare to Take Risks

Aging is a natural occurrence in life. No matter what one does, age will surely catch up. There is no need to fear the coming of aging, however. Those who are truly beautiful will feel no need to hide the signs of one’s advancing years. They are brave enough to accept the fact that aging will and indeed does come. It is just a matter of having a proper attitude towards it.

Some try to hide the formerly-mentioned signs beneath a myriad of expensive and sometimes dangerous procedures. As a result, many are left to be “unnatural” versions of themselves. Want to become really beautiful? Embrace aging and celebrate the glorious years of you as a woman, and find a good skin care line like Dermagevity that will naturally make you feel beautiful.

Learn to Truly Love Yourselves (Along with Your Flaws and Imperfection)

While many are learning to love themselves as they are; still many are trying to become “perfect” in the eyes of the general public. And no one can blame them. Everywhere people look (especially on social media platforms) almost everyone is trying their hardest to have an “impeccable” life. Nothing can have flaws, not even their own beings.

A life without flaws, though, is an impossible goal. No matter how perfect people may seem, there will always be something (so-called flaws) which others are unaware about.

Instead of trying to cover up these flaws, why not try embracing them. After all, they are the reason why you are you.

A popular art form from an eastern country can teach people a valuable lesson when it comes to embracing who they are. In this particular country, when something is broken (for example, a vase) it is repaired like usual. However, there is something which makes the process distinct. Instead of trying to hide the damage in the object, it is instead highlighted with materials which would bring emphasis to it, showing us that there is beauty even in imperfection.

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Live and Love Your Life

The present times represent a time where speed is everything. In the desire to chase what seems to matter the most (money, power, and material possessions), most people forget to truly live their lives. Some wake up; wondering where has all the time gone by.

Truly beautiful people share another thing in common: they know how to live to the fullest. And the life they live is one they love.

Those are beautiful in the truest sense of the word are in tune with their lives. They know that the time in which they are in is the best for them. They take care to appreciate their current season. Not only has that, these people are also invested in relationships with significant people in their lives.

Affirm Yourself of the Beauty Which You Possess

It is sad but true. The society in which people live in nowadays is a judgmental one. Rather than taking joy in building others’ self-confidence, some find delight in tearing them down. Therefore, there is something which the truly beautiful has. And what it is helps them maintain a healthy sense of self-confidence. What is this thing? None other than their awareness of their own beauty. No matter what others say, they are secure in themselves.

Affirm the Beauty which Other People Possess

The truly beautiful also see the beauty in others. In our present age, it is an unfortunate fact that some (in order to boost their self-confidence) resort to bringing others down. Those are beautiful aren’t like that. They are fully aware of the truth that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Furthermore, those who are indeed beautiful are in possession of a quiet and unassuming self-confidence. They have the ability to make other feel better simply because they truly love who they are.

Live as Healthily as Possible

Beauty is not merely all about looking as good as possible. It is also feeling great at the same time. And what better what to achieve that feeling than through being as healthy as one can be. With health, beauty is merely superficial, a deceptive façade. To put things in comparison, mere beauty without being healthy holistically is like trying put on perfume when one hasn’t practiced good hygiene habits. At first one, may smell good but it doesn’t last.

A part of being healthy is inspiring others (and before others, oneself) to have good skin care habits. Those who are committed to curating the best of beauty do so with the intention of thriving confidently in the skin in which they are in.

It is but human nature to aspire to be the best one can be. Of course, this includes the area of beauty. Try as people might, there will always be a bit of vanity involved when they are faced with the concept of becoming beautiful. However, one should not be consumed by this single thought. As much as people would strive to be known as beautiful outside, they should also desire to be beautiful within.

People tend to be harsh with themselves regarding how they look on the outside. Rather than always being stuck on their shortcomings (aka flaws) they should learn to embrace each stage which their life brings including the coming of age. They should also keep in mind that what they feel on the inside ultimately manifests externally.

With this having been said, it is safe to assume that faults only remain to be negative in context only if one allows them to be so. The sooner a person appreciates her faults, the sooner they begin to lose their limiting power over her. Thus, it is of importance that a person places a great emphasis on learning to live with her faults (while making sure to take effort in controlling them).

The only thing constant in this life is change. And not all changes are to be feared. Truth be told, most of them should be met with gladness and rejoicing. For changes tell people that they are growing to become a better version of themselves with each passing day.