Find Your Hidden Buns of SteelBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

The derrière (otherwise known as the rear, backside and butt) is a problem area for many people. Sometimes having a bigger butt is actually desired, but no one wants a flabby backside. Don’t worry; you can tone your butt without losing that Jennifer Lopez quality that so many women want these days.

If you want to decrease the size of your bottom, there are exercises that will help you to a smaller butt while firming and toning at the same time. Many women also appreciate exercises that will lift their behinds as well, and a few of the workouts discussed in the article will take care of that too.

There are a few very popular butt exercises out there that really work. (Hence, the popularity…) Here are those exercises and how to safely perform them:

Squats: These are right up there on the top of the list. Squats are great for your butt and thighs, and they firm and tone the bottom. How to:
    • Squats are really easy to do. Just spread your legs, and pretend you are sitting down. The lower you can go, the better the workout.
Lunges: These exercises have the same effect as squats. You can use weights to get even more results. How to:
    • Make sure your back is straight, and you always push off from the heel of your front foot. Also, make sure the front foot is planted firmly on the ground. Rest your back leg on the ball of your foot. If you want to use weights, a barbell would work best, and you can hold it on the back of your shoulders and you lunge.
Leg Lifts: These are a bit more complicated than they sound, but once you get used to them, they are very simple to do. Leg lifts are the best way to lift and firm the butt as well, so they are well worth getting used to! How to:
    • Place a medium height table of stool at the side of your couch. Then, lay face down on the couch, while resting your stomach on the side of the couch and placing your arms on the table or stool. You may want to put a thin pillow underneath your stomach, depending on the softness of your couches arm. Next, tighten your legs and butt, and lift your leg behind you as far as it will go. Do 15-20 reps on each side.
Cardio: The best cardio exercises for toning your butt are walking, running and bike riding. These all provide the necessary movements for the bottom to firm and lift. If you want to try the bike riding, I would suggest trying riding outdoors before you buy a stationary exercise bike. Nothing beats the real thing, and it also gives you entertainment and gets you out in the sunshine, where you can get some vitamin D.

Make sure you stretch effectively after any of these exercises, no matter how much time you spent on them. Stretching will allow your muscles to elongate, and cool down, and this will also prevent muscle tightness and soreness afterwards.