Breaking Down Menopause and Its Drastic Effect to the SkinBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

Part of being a woman is to also transition into the menopausal stage as she grows old, specifically when she reaches the age of 51 to 52. This will cause sudden changes on her skin and all the beauty regimen that a woman applied on her skin will vanish as they reach this stage. As the hormones change inside the body, it eventually causes improved skincare to sustain its fair and wrinkle-free complexion.

At the age of 35, a woman’s body will begin to show unexpected changes which will continue to happen until the menopausal stage at around her 50s. This is due to the estrogen level which will deliberately drops as time and years go by. At this time, the hormones will not be the same as before and the probability of it rising is almost close to impossible and it is very important that all information about these changes will be understood accordingly. Many things may happen during menopause and this includes the decrease of body fats under the skin and may cause its elasticity to decrease big-time. Eating foods rich in antioxidants may help with some skin reconstruction, but this is just one of the basic steps on achieving a youthful look.

Proper cleansing and choosing the right product are mostly the answers you are looking for, but as how this is going to be organized still remains a question for some. As you reach menopause, always remember that your skin also asks for extra care. Getting rid of your usual beauty products may be the answer as they may not be as reliable as before since they do not match your body changes. As your hormones change, your needs adjust too and it is essential for everyone to learn necessary facts about proper skincare routine. It is the woman’s best feature when she has fair complexion as it strengthens her confidence. So by getting all knowledge related to this adjustment is a solution almost everyone is aiming for.

What is Estrogen? Its Importance and Use

Some people may not be familiar with this term as it is not mostly being used all the time. But to answer that question, estrogen is the one liable to produce collagen inside a human’s body. Collagen is a protein that could be found in the human body which is known to be useful for maintaining healthy skin. Aside from the collagen, estrogen will also help produce natural oils which are essential to uplift glowing skin. So imagine if this important protein called collagen is no longer available inside your body, then this will eventually cause drastic changes from having a healthy skin to a dull one. Most women fear for wrinkles, visible deep lines, and blemishes on their skin. If natural oils within your skin is lacking because of its declining production, this will result to dry skin and saggy skin which is the fear of almost everyone.

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How to Avoid This from Happening?

Your everyday routine may include beauty products suggested by your dermatologist or skin expert, but you may notice that your usual moisturizers will not work for its purpose anymore. All visible lines cannot be avoided from showing, and your skin will not be moisturized just like before. This will then lead you to a question as to how could this be fixed, but remember that this is what is really going to happen as you go through menopause.

Aside from their regular skincare regimen, other women may do their usual workout and healthy diet to ensure overall body’s condition is excellent, but it may not be as enjoyable as before once you reach the age of 50s - your menopausal stage. Lot of things may happen during this time and all women are empowered to get knowledge and helpful information to improve one’s lifestyle. Start with skin protection which is mostly affected once this menopausal period comes.

Finding the best replacement for the missing estrogen your skin needs is the best solution to come up with. Learning the essence of finding the right product is just basic, yet most important way of effectively taking care of your skin complexion.

Be reminded that the time you reached the age of 31-32, estrogen will start to decline and will drastically result in worsening of your skin which causes unwanted blemishes. If not protected with the use of a vital ingredient your skin requires, be ready to face a different you. You may notice that all regular skincare products may not be sufficient to satisfy your skin’s preference.

It will not be enough that you use your usual moisturizers and day creams, as it does not have the advanced ingredient menopausal skin demand. Every skin needs a unique solution and this is the best answer for maturing type of complexion. This will leave menopausal women left with no choice but just to consider using the usual moisturizers that are not effective anymore as their skin requires an extra ingredient that is mostly not present to the recent products available in the market. But why waste money and effort if you could get all you need with the right skincare range?

Get a product that brings you a positive result, and use a solution made for the issues of most maturing skin problems. Remember that not because its packaging is giving you promises of a more radiant skin means that it is the best answer for your need, it is essential that you know what you are using and find the truth behind it.


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As your skins begins to age, it becomes more vulnerable to stressors such as sun damage, gravity, sleeping on your side and age causing wrinkles between the breasts. You cover up with scarves, shy away from social situations, and generally go through life feeling self-conscious about your furrowed and lined neck and chest. Some of the first signs of aging are seen on the chest or décolleté areas making you appear older than you really are. You do not have to wear turtlenecks to cover up.

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Expressions are priceless in communication. We use about 60 facial muscles while communicating through speech and facial expressions to show excitement, fear, sadness, happiness and even love. But as time passes the constant frowning, the lifting of eyebrows, laughing and pulling of the face can cause wrinkles in the forehead, laughter lines and crow’s feet. And for most women these signs of aging aren’t an expression of love.

If life is about change our skin is the unforgiving proof. Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: sun, harsh weather, and our own bad habits. Eyelastin is a dermatological breakthrough that safely and effectively reverses aging around the eyes such as dark circles, puffiness, dark lines, and wrinkles.


Everyone wants to have radiantly even, smooth skin tone, but life eventually takes its toll on our skin. Pollution, hormonal changes that occur as we age, and physical scars can all result in blotchy, uneven skin, while sun exposure causes those unsightly age spots we all dread. You may be suffering with melasma, acne marks, liver spots, freckles or other hyperpigmentation conditions.

Years ago, the single ingredient approach to skin brightening was the norm. Typically this consisted solely of hydroquinone-based treatments which has been implicated in numerous and serious adverse effects. Fortunately, with advancement from science and all natural plant based approach has shown to as effective WITHOUT the risk.

A well-rounded skin brightening product should not only eliminate darker areas of pigment; it should also prevent unwanted discoloration, uneven and blotchy skin tone secondary to increased melanin production. Quality skin lightening products must include ingredients that address multiple pathways that work synergistically to prevent unwanted hyperpigmentation.

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By using the right skincare, going out and living your best life will be achievable even when you’re in the stages of menopause. Do not let it hinder you from experiencing best things in life just because you worry for your looks. Let Dermagevity guide you to achieving that radiant, beautiful skin.