Beautiful Skin Is Up To YouBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean
Is beautiful skin just for the very young? Not any more. You can have great skin at any age. Lasers, skin peels and advanced skin care products have made flawless skin a reality. But before you spend money on invasive cosmetic procedures and super expensive creams that promise to roll back time, please understand the and practice the following about how to have super skin naturally:

1.Beautiful skin starts on the inside and reflects what's going on inside.

2.Beautiful skin requires lots of water. We are 80 percent water so constant replenishment is necessary to get rid of toxins and keep the body working optimally. If you wait until you feel thirsty, you are already in a state of dehydration. Telltale signs of chronic dehydration include offensive breath, pale, pasty and parched skin with an overall withered look.

3.Get back to basics with food. Ninety percent of money spent on food is spent on processed food, which is nutritionally bankrupt, and the skin reflects that nutritional deprivation.

4.Even the best diets require supplementation. Antioxidant supplements such as alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and others help the body fight off free radicals responsible for aging.

5.Exercise not only keeps you in super shape, it makes your eyes and skin glow. (A treadmill is a wonderful investment that pays huge dividends!)

6.Have regular bowel movements. If plumbing is chronically clogged, it's going to have a negative effect on the appearance of your skin.

7.Living in a spirit of gratitude for absolutely everything releases "feel good" endorphins that make your eyes and skin glow. Nothing is sexier.

8.When asked, "How are you?" always respond "I'm fantastic." It also boosts release of endorphins and makes you appear younger.