7 Foods That Damage Your SkinBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean


Although you’re busy with things that are going on in your life, one thing you should never neglect is skincare. For you to achieve a healthy and glowing skin, sticking to a good skincare regimen is a must. But before you consider having a skincare regimen, have you given a thought to natural ways you can nourish your skin?

As you grow old, taking care of your skin sometimes tend to be a second thought. We tend to neglect taking care of the skin. Apart from the skincare routine, the least you could do to maintain healthy and glowing skin is to eat healthy foods. However, most people would not even have any idea which foods are good and which are bad. You may not be aware that the usual food you eat regularly is one of the foods that cause damage to your skin. Being informed will help you avoid this situation.

Here are some of the foods you need to avoid that can damage your skin.

coffee caffeine


Just like most people, you may enjoy a cup of coffee after you wake up as part of your daily routine. For coffee lovers, it’s easy to indulge in coffee, especially which coffee shops are just around the corner wherever you go. Though coffee is considered an antioxidant, taking excess amounts may cause negative effects to your body. It can make your skin dry, which is surely something you don’t want. It may be difficult to completely cut off coffee from your life, so if you cannot really go through your usual routine without coffee, you can buy organic beans and brew your own coffee. You may also limit the amount of cream and sugar you put into it, and consider limiting your intake to at least one to two cups a day if you can.


You may want to refrain from consuming alcohol if you want to achieve a radiant complexion.  If ever you could not avoid it at all, consider limiting your consumption so your skin could retain its moisture. Alcohol is the worst and the most popular contributor to damaged skin complexion. It ages your skin prematurely, causing wrinkles on your skin. Since it is a diuretic product, this means that it flushes out the vital nutrients in your body. Taking alcohol may also cause black circles around the eyes and this will even be worse than you would expect. Sugar in the alcohol can also upset the gut-flora in your stomach, making you more prone to psoriasis, eczema and other unwanted skin conditions. For any instance that you could not avoid taking alcohol due to a celebration, you may drink water before and after so it could reverse its damaging effects. As a rule of thumb, the clearer you drink, the better, and water is always the answer.


Who can say no to soda? Seeing a soda at a fridge in a grocery or convenience store, it calls on to you, urging you to take a sip. Who can resist to that? Soda is also an alternative drink for those who are not into coffee. It may be enticing as it gives you the energy you want just like with coffee, but this also has an adverse effect and damage into your skin as you may not know. When a person consumes too much sugar, the skin will look wrinkled and drier, on which it may come to the point that you would see it differently as it becomes scaly and not smooth. The caffeine ingredient found in these drinks dehydrates your skin, which causes the collagen to be dried up. No one wants a dry and wrinkled skin, so avoid taking any of these beverages as best as you could and drink water instead.

Fried Foods

High-fat foods could be found everywhere and most people surely love eating them. Aside from its convenience, you could instantly have access to these types of foods as it is usually processed and easy-to-prepare just by the use of pan and cooking oil. As much as possible, avoid greasy foods as they increase the puffiness on your skin. It also slows down the circulation of blood and clogs your skin pores, so instead of relying on these fast food products, you might as well change your diet and shift to the traditional healthy meals available.

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates refer to processed sugar and processed flour. Who does not want pizza or doughnuts? Almost everyone loves these products and they are easy to find. It is indeed delicious but it has low nutritional value and could also cause potentially damage to your skin. The sugar content in these products causes your body to produce more oil and clog your skin pores so it could easily breathe in dust and dirt. Processed sugar also contributes to premature aging which makes your skin lose the collagen that is responsible for skin elasticity and moisture. The flour content raises the level of cortisol or “stress hormone” and causes breakouts too so imagine the effect of these foods in your body.


Since dairy foods are known to be pro-inflammatory food, it may worsen the existing skin conditions you already have. Dairy contains sugar as well and it is the main factor that causes skin inflammations including acne breakouts. Not only teenagers suffer from this condition, but also some women over the age of 40. While every person's skin is different, acne has many causes and it also includes hormonal issues. The bacteria in these dairy products can also affect the gut-flora in your stomach and eventually be a cause of sudden acne breakout. You can replace your dairy milk intake with an alternative product such as lactose-free milk drinks.

fast food junk food fries burger

Fast Food

Foods being served in fast-food restaurants are mostly cooked with unhealthy oils which may predominantly worsen your existing skin conditions like eczema. These oils contain free radicals that have been tested by experts and proven to destroy healthy skin cells which leads to potential premature aging. You can make your own smoothies instead and cook your own meals. There are a variety of easy-to-do healthy meal recipes all over the internet that you could follow.

Skin is the largest organ and would be the most exposed part of your body so taking care of it is important if you want to feel confident from the outside. You can't reverse your age and you just need to love and accept that aging is part of the life cycle. As you accept this fact, you would be able to embrace and learn different ways to take care of your skin. You could also get helpful information as to how it could be nourished properly.

To start your journey for maintaining smooth and glowing skin, try eating healthy foods religiously. If having clear and glowing skin means giving up most of the food you have loved all these years, then do it diligently and it would give you a great positive result for sure. If it is hard to resist, start with taking these foods moderately and everything will follow. Limit the intake of these unhealthy foods and stay hydrated every day.

There may be a lot of beauty creams, soaps, and serums available in the market to help you maintain the skin glow, but eating organic and natural food is the best and most affordable way to do so. As you may have heard, “you are what you eat.” So if you want to achieve glowing and radiant skin, the best way to start and do it is to follow and eat healthy foods best for your body. Eating healthy on top of your daily skincare routine will surely make your skin glow. Also remember that water is the best. Drink water and keep yourself hydrated all the time – the cheapest and easiest tip to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Now that you know what foods you need to avoid, you should also know that using natural skincare range will do wonders for your skin as you age.

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