6 Tips on Getting Rid of Under Eye CirclesBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

As they say, eyes are the windows to our soul but are you confident enough to let other people to stare at your eyes for a long time if you have an under eye circles? Since time immemorial, under eye circles have been a struggle for most people. It’s never a good feeling when you wake up each day and take a look at the mirror and the first thing that greets you is your panda-looking eyes.

People who have thin skin under their eyes or those who tend to put too much pressure on this area understand the struggle more than anyone since they are prone to these burden bags all along their lives. When your capillaries are too fragile and you have inflamed blood vessels, under eye circles are your worst nightmare.

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But apart from under eye circles caused by genes or too much force on the skin, aging is one of the common factors of under eye circles. As you get older, the collagen in your skin decreases, making those stubborn under eye circles appear. No one can stop aging; it’s a natural process of life. And while you can’t put a pin on getting older, you can certainly slow down looking older.

Having dark or saggy under eye circles make you look tired and older, but you can certainly take steps to avoiding that from happening. Here are some solutions you can try to make those unwanted under eye circles go away:

Use a Frozen Spoon or Apply Cold Compress

You might be surprise to know that freezing a spoon on your fridge, though a tad weird, can actually help get rid of your under eye circles. The coldness of the spoon or compress will help relieve your inflamed blood vessels. Place the spoon underneath your eye for a few minutes. But keep in mind to keep your hand light and don’t apply pressure on it. Do this every morning for the next few days. Be realistic: your under eye circles will not disappear in just a day or two so you have to give it some time before you start to see your circles disappear.

Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Ever wonder how babies get that smooth, glowing skin? That’s because they sleep quite A LOT. With your busy life, you might be depriving yourself some snooze here and there, and that could be why you have those panda-looking eyes. Sleep is a basic need that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s when our systems reboot, and when our cells regenerate. And if you don’t get much of it, your body (and skin) will surely suffer. Make sure to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each day not just to have the energy to do the million things you have to do, but to also take care of your skin and get rid of those under eye circles.

Use Cucumber

A cucumber whether you eat it raw, drink its juice or use it as part of your beauty regimen will surely do wonders for your body and skin. For unattractive under eye circles, putting slices of cucumber over your eyes is one of the most common remedies recommended. Cucumber juice is a refreshing drink so that should give you the confidence that raw cucumber on your eyes will also feel refreshing. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory effect that helps relieve swelling. It is organic and a natural way to ease those puffy eye bags and since it is a watery, it hydrates the skin under your eyes at the same time.

Elevate Your Head When Sleeping

While we are sleeping, fluids in our eyes tend to get stuck on the eyelid, and this can cause inflammation in the area. Putting an extra pillow under your head to elevate it will help the fluid flow freely, avoiding puffy under eyes in the process.

Use a Concealer

If you’re someone who is naturally born with under eye circles, then you might have tried the tips above and they didn’t work. If so, you can use a concealer. Just make sure it’s a quality one that also nourishes and protects your skin while doing its job. There are a lot of quality brands in the market that doesn’t just conceal, but also asks as a moisturizer or has vitamins that are good for the skin.

Seek Professional Help

If you’re feeling conscious with your under eye circles, you can always seek professional help. Book an appointment with a professional and ask for advice on other steps you can take and products you can use to get rid of those circles.

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