5 Skincare Mistakes That You Might be Making in Your FortiesBeauty Tips and Great Info

  • by Taryn Dean

Missing your usual glow? Maybe you are making a mistake in your skin care regimen. Read on so you may know whether or not you’re doing it right.

Your skincare regimen doesn’t fit your age

As you age, your skin changes, this means that whatever skincare regimen you are using in your 20s and 30s are no longer applicable now that you are in your forties. Simply put, your skin care should change according to your age.  Your younger skin tends to be oily compared to an age skin. Equally, the scrub you are using in your 20s and 30s will no longer work in your forties. The skin becomes thinner and dryer as the skin age that is why it is very important to stay away from harsh astringents that can cause premature wrinkles and force dryness. When it comes to cleansers, find one that is a gentle exfoliant and it moisturizes as well.  It is very essential to understand how aging affects our skin. You must use beauty skin care products that fit to your age.

Using an incorrect product for your skin type

All skin types are different.  One product that may work well with someone’s skin may not work for you. You must be vigilant in buying and choosing a beauty skin care product that will suit your skin type. If you are using a product that is suited for another skin type, chances are it may cause premature wrinkles and blemishes. Though the effect is not instant, you should take note that the effects of wrong usage will take effect over time. So make sure to find out what is exactly your skin type so you can choose the product. Find a product that is formulated especially for your skin type. Beware of the products’ that put “for all skin types” on their label. This product might not be telling the truth.

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Excessive and insufficient exfoliation

Exfoliation is extremely important because this is a process where the dead skin cells that builds up over time that’s masking your face is removed. New skin cells tend to be hidden and aren’t given the opportunity to regenerate. Exfoliation will allow your new skin cells to glow after it is removed from being covered by the dead skin cells. However, too much exfoliation can do a lot of damage in your skin and will equally lose your skin’s action to fight environmental toxins that stick to your skin.  Excess exfoliation will also put your skin at risk with high sun damage. It can cause premature wrinkles. Likewise, under exfoliation or the lack of exfoliation will result to an unsightly expression lines, premature aging, and breaks down the elasticity of the skin, making your skin appear saggy.

Not wearing enough sunscreen

Premature skin ageing is mostly cause by the over exposure to sunlight and the UV rays. Studies show that 90% of premature skin aging is in fact caused by the irresponsible exposure to sunlight without wearing enough protection such as a hat and the most essential one, a sunscreen. Due to this, the skin’s natural healing process slows down that causes blemishes and prematurely aged skin.  Our day to day activities though simple and maybe some are under a shade from the sun still affects the skin.  So even if you are sitting near a window at home, driving or riding a car and even walking outside on a cloudy winter, wearing a sunscreen with a correct SPF is really essential.  Wrinkles do appear in in due time but you can delay this. If you want to boost the chance of delaying those wrinkles you must wear a sunscreen everyday no matter what the weather is and whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Neglecting the moisturizer

When we cleanse it is automatic to moisturize the skin immediately. The 60-second rule must be applied here. After cleansing your skin, you have to immediately use an alcohol-free base toner and moisturize thereafter within the first minute. WHY? Our skin when left out bare is 99% prone to dehydration which can lead to dry skin.  The air sucks into the pores and sips all the moisture from your skin. Because of this, there is an 80% of chance of premature aging.  Also, dry skin can lead to itchy skin that can cause irritation. Avoid this at all cost. Complete your beauty regimen immediately to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Skincare that Comes from Within

Our skin is the reflection of your lifestyle choice. Whatever you choose to do and whatever you choose to eat will surely reflect to your skin. A poor diet or lack of sleep is just some of the lifestyle choices that will surely show in your skin, especially when you reach the age of forty and beyond. During this stage your body produces less of the thing that keeps your skin healthy. That is why, to give your skin the power to keep its healthy glow, you must eat the right kind and right amount of nutritious foods most women need. This is the stage of women’s life that collagen, calcium and phytoestrogen are mostly needed.

To acquire collagen, calcium and phytoestrogen, your diet must include dark green vegetables, citrus fruits and fish. These foods can help produce stronger cells and can actively boost collagen. Moreover, the healthy food should be complemented with an extra dose Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc. Menopause supplements are also a must to take which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body need most now that you are in this stage. By this, you are helping your skin to be renewed again to help you glow not only from the inside but as well as delaying menopause and its effects.

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Be Mindful of Your Skincare Products

At this stage of your life, you have to be very careful in choosing skincare products that you will use. Imagine the horror when you just use any product that will only result to skin pigmentation and worst, sagging. And yes, all throughout the year you have been using a trustworthy product that you swear by in your 30s but as mentioned previously, that effect product is no longer effective in your skin now that you are in your forties and in the brink of menopausal.

Most women don’t realize that every stage needs to address different issues. Now that you are in your forties, you must find a product that keep your skin hydrated and at the same time making you feel comfortable all throughout the day. Your skincare range must prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Neglecting all of these will result to a dull and tired complexion losing your radiant glow.

Look for the right skincare products that will address all the symptoms and side effects of estrogen withdrawal of your skin. Makes sure that your products has collagen and promotes skin moisture to maintain your skin’s glow, like Dermagevity that perfectly understand women’s skin in their forties and take into account the changes that will likely occur on their skin as they transition to menopause.

Here are some of their tested and proven products:


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Over time, the unique stresses and demands placed on the skin in the neck area can lead to numerous issues. The skin on the neck tends to become droopy, wrinkly, and dry as we age, leading to that “turkey neck” look that all women dread.

As your skin begins to age, it becomes more vulnerable to stressors such as sun damage, gravity, sleeping on your side and age causing wrinkles between the breasts. You cover up with scarves, shy away from social situations, and generally go through life feeling self-conscious about your furrowed and lined neck and chest. Some of the first signs of aging are seen on the chest or décolleté areas making you appear older than you really are. You do not have to wear turtlenecks to cover up.

But wait… you should know that it does NOT have to be that way. You should know that there’s Nexifirm.

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As you learn that your needs are different as you transition into your 40s, you must be vigilant in choosing what to apply in your skin and must strictly follow your beauty regimen.