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Exfologen® – Deep Pore Derma Exfoliating Scrub We’re all born with flawless, soft, perfectly smooth skin, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay that w...


Exfologen® – Deep Pore Derma Exfoliating Scrub

We’re all born with flawless, soft, perfectly smooth skin, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way forever. One of the first signs of aging many individuals notice is dry, rough patches that appear on the surface of the skin. While moisturizers can help somewhat, they’re not the entire answer. The best way to address those scaly, rough areas is to actually remove those dead surface skin cells with an exfoliant like Exfologen®.


Exfologen® is a highly effective exfoliant that contains a variety of powerful ingredients, including glycolic acid. Exfologen® is powerful enough to slough away the skin cells that make up those uneven and unsightly areas, but gentle enough to leave skin feeling hydrated and moisturized.

How it Works

Our skin is an amazing organ that is constantly renewing itself. Dry and dead skin cells are continuously being replaced by newer ones. This process keeps our skin looking youthful and feeling smooth. As time goes on, the rate at which this occurs slows down. Dry and flaky skin cells can build up, leading to those rough areas on the knees, elbows, and other areas of the body. Exfologen® works by sloughing away these dead skin cells. The removal of this top layer of cells makes way for the newer, healthier-looking skin that lies underneath. Exfologen® also contains effective moisturizers to ensure the newly-revealed skin is as supple and velvety smooth as possible.

Benefits of Exfologen®

Exfologen® delivers all of the benefits you would expect from an exfoliant, along with a few you probably wouldn’t. Here is what you will likely experience when you include Exfologen® as part of your skin care routine:

  • Smoother, softer skin: When you use Exfologen® to remove dead skin that has been collecting on the surface, you’ll be delighted with the smooth, uniform texture of the skin that will be revealed.
  • Brighter, more radiant skin: Dull and tired skin will be replaced by skin that is bright and healthy looking.
  • A higher rate of cellular turnover: Exfologen® can actually promote the more frequent replacement of skin cells, which will enhance the overall look of skin and reduce the incidence of those rough and flaky patches.
  • A more uniform texture and tone: Remove discolored and bumpy areas to reveal more evenly-textured and colored skin.
  • More moisturized skin: Some exfoliants do nothing more than slough away surface cells with harsh abrasives, which can cause irritation and redness. Exfologen® contains soothing moisturizers that hydrate newly-revealed skin.
  • An improvement in the look of “chicken skin” patches: Those with Keratosis Pilaris who use Exfologen® will often notice a diminishment in the appearance of those red, bumpy areas. Exfologen® can soften the keratin plugs that lead to KP, and will remove the dry, flaky skin that characterizes this common condition.


For best results, apply Exfologen® to cleansed skin during the evening. Saturate a gauze pad with Exfologen®, and buff rough and flaky areas gently. Afterwards, rinse the area to remove excess Exfologen® and neutralize any product that may remain on the skin.

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